Who is OTO?

OTO is your personal handheld (& handmade) massager. Well...he can get personal with your best friend too. OTO just loves returning favours. Who wouldn´t like a stimulating morning massage after all? And a relaxing one after your evening run. Need to boost up your blood flow during your long office hours? Let OTO give you a hand. And remember. He can be gentle or a little rough. Like a true shagger.
Who is OTO?

Meet OTO...

I improved on the old man´s recipe. I´m a pretty pretty thing...& the most minimalistic, eco-friendly, handheld massager ever. You´ll shagg me once... and we´ll be lovers forever honey ;)...
Hug me smoothly before you rest. Don´t over work your bunny body...close your eyes & let me do the rest.
I can turn you on in no time. Bunnies do it smooth & quick. Anytime, anywhere ;)
Most of them go BRRRRR...I don´t make robo-farting sounds. Cos´silence is the most beatiful sound sometimes.
It´s all about returning the favour. Isn´t it? Happy, happy world anyone?
Fit for a hand. Made by hand. Because hands know best what fits nicely into their palms.
Relax, we had a smooth workout

Relax, we had a smooth workout

and let him give us a hand. He will know exactly what to do ;)

and let him give us a hand. He will know exactly what to do ;)


I got my Massager a few months ago and I love how quickly I can use it after skiing and running. It takes only 5-10 minutes to use it and its a lot more effective than it looks!
It's indispensable in the office, in our living room and every other place where we can restore our energy with only a few moves.
OTO makes it easy and fun. I use it in the mid afternoon as a prana-inducing pick-me-up!
It is really nice for shoulder and my back. Sometimes it tickles a little bit. =)