Is a feeling like someone drained all the energy out of your body a "new normal"?

You just “love” mornings. Well, you hate those early hours, don’t you? You hit that "snooze button" more often than you could count on all of your fingertips. Caffeine runs all over your veins. Lunch time could also be described as "punch me in the face, so I can keep my eyes open." By the end of the day you can't even remember what your pet name is, but somehow, after an exhausting day, you completely fail at the simplest task - trying to fall asleep. Aaah, here we meet again, insomnia.

Is being drained out of energy really the "new normal"? Everybody's feeling it, right? Wrong! You can't help but wonder what substances those happy, shiny people are on.

"Are they eating some magical mushrooms or drinking from the unicorns cup of youth? Well, they must be some kind of aliens because every single hard working person is fatigued all the time."

You spend most of your days at home, following the same routines, especially if you're also working from home. You are faced with an entirely new cocktail of emotions, from anxiety to generally lacking stamina for doing - well, quite anything! The overwhelming feeling of this surreal contemporary society, the stress we feel every time we go outside, the vast uncertainty on how long this will all last, and other questions on how to stay safe and healthy are just starting to nibble parts of our mental and physical health.

How on earth can we not feel like we're being squeezed out of our energy? Our bodies are meant to be in motion constantly, but hey - who on earth has the time or vigor to do some extra work after a 10-hour work day from the same couch, day in, day out?!

If this sounds like a story of your life, you have to get to know one body part you probably haven't known about before. Let us reveal to you a secret yet massive part of your body. FASCIA!

F what?! FASCIA!

No, it's not a misspelling. It's not even an autocorrect error (you know that f**k that always turns itself into a duck) …
When explaining what fascia does in our body, many studies describe it as architecture. Imagine if our body was a house. Our bones are the concrete foundation and fascia is load-bearing walls holding everything together.

Simply, fascia is the connective tissue that works like cellophane, holding everything together. Fascia takes many forms. Researchers differ from the solid and liquid fascia.

But it's not all construction "serious business"; it is scientifically proven (source) that fascia also has an essential role in our emotions and immune system.

Fascia works like a saran wrap - see, your body is a true gift!

This is why it should be clear, stretchy, and gliding effortlessly. Unhealthy fascia is on the other hand sticky, flaky, and tight. Muscle knots can be an example when fascia doesn't work correctly.

The thing about fascia is straightforward. You feel stressed, sit too much or always in the same position, eat and drink poorly and your fascia will get lumpy, sticky, and tight. The results are known - your muscles will feel tight, you'll be less energized and you start feeling pain in different locations. Needless to say, you'll be more prone to sickness and feeling sad.

Solution? Get your fascia dancing with massage!

Treating unhealthy fascia is not as complicated as you might think it is. Yes, it is found all over your body, connected with muscles, lymph, and other tissues. That's why you have to tackle it comprehensively. What does that mean?

If the fascia is cellophane that tightly hugs the goodies inside, it's impossible to only move the cellophane without moving the goodies below.

Massage is perfect for a wholesome treatment of your body because it:

  • lowers your cortisol levels and help with anxiety
  • increases blood flow and oxygen circulation
  • increases range of motion
  • reduces muscle soreness
  • encourages movement of your lymphatic system
  • it warms up your muscles and makes fascia ready for a workout
  • it can both strengthen muscle memory and spur collagen production

All factors above are crucial for making your fascia healthy and releasing the tension you might be feeling. Remember that feeling fatigued should not be overlooked; it is a sign of many causes. But don't be overwhelmed because you can have your high energy back with just a few new tricks.

Fascia’s love at first sight: Loops by Otobody

You would be amazed how a good massage can help many common modern lifestyle problems. Wanna know how to spice up your home office? Loops by Otobody are a funky massager made especially for taking care of yourself. They are small and highly functional, so they can go wherever you are going.

You don't need any special treatment - grab Loops and gently massage your body. Pay special attention to your knots or when you feel the most cramped up. Massaging with Loops may soon become your favorite mindful ritual of the day.

Your fascia will love it!

Loops by Otobody

The most convenient massage tool in the world.

Sustainable, battery-free, and multifunctional.
Allow yourself to enhance your senses, enrich your body, and well being and sample a trend-setting option.
€ 27,90 
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Thanks to unique and sustainable design, Loops are completely battery-free and made of high-quality materials that will last you a lifetime.

Here are some ways Loops can honor your body and mind:

  • Improve your lymph and blood circulation
  • Support your fascia
  • Relax your muscles (especially neck and shoulders)
  • Lower your stress levels
  • Help with cellulite
  • Comfort swollen feet or legs
  • Build a connection with others while massaging them

They love it! Why wouldn’t you give it a try, too?

“Loops are a super groovy self-massage invention. We all know that self massage should be a daily habit to increase lymphatic circulation, reduce stagnation and get the juices flowing to have vibrant skin. Loops make it easy and fun. I use them in the mid afternoon as a prana-inducing pick-me-up! I’m often at my desk on a conference call - and I can break out my Loops. Also they’re great on rehabbing strained muscles - and I can easily throw them in my suitcase to refresh after those draining plane rides!”

Cate Stillman

I’ve really been enjoying my Loops. I showed them to my friend Phil, who’s a rock climber, and he loved it! He injured his wrist and thought the massager was fantastic (he nearly stole them!).I’ve been keeping them at my desk to use them when I feel tired and I can easily say they’re helping!


I got my Loops Massager a few months ago and I love how quickly I can use them after skiing and running. It takes only 5-10 min to use this massager and it's a lot more effective than it looks! It might look like a very simple tool, but it really works great with a right amount of pressure.

I love it and use it after every workout.

Dasha Gaiazova, 2x Olympian skier

I’m finally recovering after my surgery and I have already started my trainings. The Loops by Otobody are my little helpers. It is a small handheld (and handmade massager) the best one after training to boost up my blood flow and tired muscles. I am in love with Loops! I highly recommend them to all my colleague dancers.

Yeva Shiyanova, dancer

"Chemically speaking (or looking) Loops have the same effects as a sports massage. Chemicals of the body are being released (biochemistry of the body), affecting reflexive vain expansions and increasing blood flow and tissue oxygenation.
The psychological effects are also present with the use of this tool. With its help, you can quickly reach a feeling of comfort. That raises confidence; it soothes you and relaxes you physically and mentally, giving you the will and pleasure to live and work.
Until now, every massage gadget got a bit on my nerves. But Loops are so cute, practical, and bringing me so much joy. Since I am a professional tuinologist - manual therapist of Chinese medicine, I also use Loops on the people who come to me for acupuncture."

Manual therapist Sana

Loops massage techniques for your fascia

Gentle and mild messages are the thing! Nice, easy massage techniques will often be more successful in decreasing stress levels, your mental and tissue stress levels that make them knotted.

In what kind of way should I rub my fascia?

Grab your Loops now

Loops by Otobody

The most convenient massage tool in the world.

Sustainable, battery-free, and multifunctional.
Allow yourself to enhance your senses, enrich your body, and well being and sample a trend-setting option.
€ 27,90 
Free worldwide shipping on orders above 60 €
Lifetime Warranty

Embrace Loops by Otobody

Believe us; you haven't seen a massager like this! Loops are small handheld gadgets perfect for everyday use.

There's no extra mystery around it, minimal, sustainable design, and highly functional, but it can bring that special magic in your life.

It's perfect for problems caused by a modern lifestyle like stiff neck and shoulders, muscle soreness, lousy blood circulation, sluggish lymph, and tight fascia. Because it's small, handheld, and completely battery-free, it can accompany you on every step - at home, your office, gym, and even while traveling.

Treat yourself with mindful massage.

It’s no secret that massage has many benefits. It's not only about giving your body some rubs; it's much more!

How can you endear your everyday life with Loops?

  • Make a massage with Loops your mindful ritual of winding down and ease your thoughts after a long day.
  • Revive your lymph flow by massaging your whole body and pay special attention to your feet when they're swollen and hips if you have cellulite.
  • Battle your headaches by massaging stiff neck and shoulders. You can also release the tension you hold in your upper body.
  • Trapped emotions make your body all cramped up. Release your feelings with a soothing massage.
  • Build strong connections with your special people by giving or receiving gentle touch by Loops.

Caring is our priority. Join the self-care movement.

We believe in the importance of self-care, advocate the care for others and our dearest planet Earth. That's why Loops are made out of high-quality materials that will last you a lifetime. Yes, the hoops are made out of polymer, but they'll never lose their elasticity, so you won't need to replace the product anytime soon. Sustainability is the only way forward!

Lifetime warranty? Yes, indeed!

Loops by Otobody

The most convenient massage tool in the world.

Sustainable, battery-free, and multifunctional.
Allow yourself to enhance your senses, enrich your body, and well being and sample a trend-setting option.
€ 27,90 
Free worldwide shipping on orders above 60 €
Lifetime Warranty

Tell me more about fascia! I’m fascinated …

We bet you are! Fascia is so great; the mind of it will seduce you, and all of a sudden, you will find yourself daydreaming about it. So here it is, a bit more info for the curious ones.

When your fascia is NOT thriving

Fascia makes everything continuous. This is why the causes of unhealthy fascia affect your whole body. What are the main reasons your fascia is not working well?

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor posture or the same prolonged posture
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Dehydration
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Trauma (surgery, injury)

All these causes can be intertwined. No wonder you feel fatigued, low on energy, and all cramped up at the end of your day. With all this stress you've been battling, sitting for more than half a day in the same position and possibly on a kitchen chair that offers you zero to none back support. And how about those sleepless nights or waking up and feeling even more tired? You know the feeling when you wake up and immediately want to take another nap?

Other ways to release fascia pain or tension

There are many other ways to soothe your cramped body and feeling low. Because we nowadays feel quickly overwhelmed, we suggest you try to implement only one thing for a start. Let's say a quick and sweet massage with Loops by Otobody to wake up your body in the morning or relieve all the tension you might feel in the evening.

You can also try these quick remedies that keep fascia flexible:

Also, keep your body on the move, especially if you spend most of your day sitting. Try yoga to improve your flexibility or cardio workouts to boost your blood circulation.

Give Loops a go

Loops by Otobody

The most convenient massage tool in the world.

Sustainable, battery-free, and multifunctional.
Allow yourself to enhance your senses, enrich your body, and well being and sample a trend-setting option.
€ 27,90 
Free worldwide shipping on orders above 60 €
Lifetime Warranty

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