This is a love story.
Because love is to take care of yourself and others.

Otobody was born like everything is born - with merging hearts into something bigger than ourselves. In Slovenia, where our small family business comes from, we could call this idea "sama ljubav" (pure love).

But first, let me introduce myself. I am Nace, the cofounder of the Otobody brand. I invite you to follow an extraordinary journey of mine …

Summer of 2015. Like every year, I couldn't wait to grab my surf and travel to a small Croatian island called Brač. I thought I'm gonna have some fun with my friends and live a care-free summer, like all the seasons before that. But this year, something quite unique came onto my ears.

Rumors were spread around, that in a nearby town Split there lives an unusual man. An inventor. One, who has invented a mighty exercise gadget that operates with vibrations, called Titro Raketi.

My heart skipped a beat. You must know that feeling when everything inside you moves from joy and excitement. I felt like I was on a treasure hunt. I packed my bag and drove to Split to meet this man, Neno Dodoja. I instantly fell in love with his gadgets. Not that those were only quite handy for improving my health, but they were also crazy and unique.

Neno and I had an immediate bond. We kinda clicked. There was this special energy about him, and he looked like a Croatian version of Crocodile Dundee. He told me how his main reason behind inventing such machines is to help the disabled and how he's struggling with selling them. I bought a few gadgets from him, for myself and for my friends, and sat down each day, thinking about how to sell them online.

Just around the corner, more love came my way. I met Inja, my significant other. In the following summer, we decided to visit Neno in Split and talk about the possibilities of working together.

We began designing the least complicated gadget possible. Non-essential parts were taken away, and as many materials as possible were replaced with sustainable materials. After quite some work, Loops by Otobody were born.

A Kickstarter campaign followed, and people all around the world loved it. We kept our purposeful yet straightforward mission in mind - to bring uncomplex tools and tricks into your busy everyday life to enhance your physical health and overall wellbeing.

But life has its own ways and mysteries. Not long after we designed Loops by Otobody, way too young Neno has passed away, leaving his wife Nansi and three college students behind. Their life hasn't been easy at all, so Inja and I decided to give a part of the profit from selling Loops to them.

We can all learn something from Neno - how important it is to help and care for each other. Well, not only for each other but also for our dear planet and ourselves. This has been our constant inspiration and motive behind each and every product we make. Only if we do our best we can dream of a functioning society breathing fresh air and building loving connections with our own body, mind, and other people around us.

Welcome to our sustainable self-care movement.

Nace & Inja