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The idea about OTO started in July 2015, when my honeybunny Inja & I had enough of overcrowded spaces that felt empty. Enough of pointless tasks for people that knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. What we strongly felt in common was the amount of useless energy spent sitting. Endless phone calls, sitting in the car, sitting in the office, … and in the evening, sitting in our sofa, doing nothing - exhausted by lifes’ strange and meaningless cycles.

Shortly after I gathered a small team of mixed skills and we started working on a uniquely shaped and battery free tool, which stimulates the nervous system, blood and lymph flow while oxygenates underlying tissue and overall increases productivity.

And so - OTO was born.

A design that refines instead of adds and is truly versatile. An aesthetic that excites the curiosity and invitingly welcomes playfulness. Stimulate, release, pleasure and find your calm; OTO is a universal massager whose loops and gorgeous wooden handle allow you to apply point pressure, shag limbs and make whole body massage sweeps.

We believe in infusing innocent stimulation into the everyday life to worship and praise the body. A simple, invigorating, healing massage is no easier than with OTO - he’s portable, costs less than a 30 min massage, is aesthetically pleasing and he’s ready to go when you need him.

Who would think some wire and wood could do us all so much good?


From Slovenia with love,